When: May 29 – June 7, 2022 | Where: Marañón, Cocachimba | Price: € 1975,- to € 2150,-

We will travel to the Marañón River and the surrounding mountains. This trip is organised in collaboration with Marañón Experience. You can book this trip through our WeTravel page.

Marañón River Expedition
The Marañón springs to life high up in the Andes mountains and cuts between two of its ranges all the way North where it becomes the Amazone. We embark on a 7-day river journey that will bring you to isolated riverside villages, cascading waterfalls, natural swimming holes, ancient rock art and ruins, along with flora and fauna not found elsewhere in the world. On the water, we will fall into our own rhythm of running rapids, exploring the land around the river and sleeping at magnificent beaches under starry skies.

Kayaking or Rafting?
The Marañón River is a big, yet friendly river, making it the ultimate river for good fun rafting. If you have no experience in a kayak, but are adventurous, then we are certain this unique experience will leave you in awe of the river. If you are a class III kayaker, we invite you to join us and step up your kayaking game. We believe that multi-day kayak trips are the best way to improve, as you get into a rhythm and have the time to build confidence on big water. If you are unsure whether this trip is for you, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Add-on option: The Kingdom of Clouds | € 375,-
After 7 days on the river, it is time to get our legs working. We will use them to visit some unique places in the Kingdom of Clouds, including a 771-meter waterfall, the ancient city of Kuelap and a jungle exploration to some undiscovered ruins. We will be based in the town of Cocachimba in front of the Gocta waterfall and do an overnight hike to Kuélap, staying at the Huiquilla Conservation Area. Have a look at our day to day program and get as excited as we are! 

Head over to our WeTravel page for a day to day program and more info.